Experimental Build

Do you like to live life on the edge? Throw caution to the wind? Bowl without the bumpers? Well you’re in luck, we have the perfect build of hawkscan for you!

The hawkscan dev build is updated multiple times a week with the latest and greatest changes, including bug fixes, updates from ZAP, and shiny new features. It is now available immediately upon the changes being made, rather than having to wait for a release. The dev build is currently only available through Docker, but a zip download will be available soon as well. Due to the cutting edge nature of this build, it is EXPERIMENTAL, meaning we do not guarantee the stability of it, so use at your own risk!


To get the dev build from Dockerhub, use the dev tag on the image rather than latest or a specific pinned version.

docker run -e API_KEY=$HAWK_API_KEY --rm -v $(pwd):/hawk:rw -t stackhawk/hawkscan:dev