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StackHawk is a dynamic application and API security testing tool built for developers. With powerful automation and integration capabilities, StackHawk gives engineers the ability to find and fix security vulnerabilities. πŸ¦… #Kaakaww!

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If this is your first time using StackHawk, we recommend starting with our guide to getting maximum KAAKAAWW from dynamic security testing.

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The StackHawk scanner, HawkScan, is our command-line based security bug scanner powered by OWASP ZAP.

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StackHawk Platform

See scan results, dig into finding details, and triage actions within the StackHawk platform.

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Authenticated Scanning

Make sure our scanner can reach your entire application by configuring authentication.

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Send StackHawk notifications to other tooling to tie application security into existing engineering workflows.

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StackHawk API

The StackHawk API is available for enterprise customers to bulk CRUD StackHawk applications and environments.

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