Official StackHawk GitHub App


StackHawk’s official GitHub App integration.


StackHawk provides several features to integrate with GitHub. These features are all offered under the official StackHawk GitHub App. These individual pages will detail specific features of the GitHub App, while this page will cover requirements and installation details.


  • Official GitHub Application that can be managed through GitHub to allow StackHawk to better integrate with various developer-centric features provided by GitHub.



  • You must have a StackHawk account.
  • Your StackHawk account needs to be on a Pro or Enterprise plan to use the GitHub Integration.



  1. Log into StackHawk and visit the GitHub Integration page.
  2. Click the Enable GitHub button.
  3. Follow the prompts in GitHub to select your GitHub Organization / Account, then repositories for the install, then click Install .
  4. Once the install is complete, click the Add button to configure your first and subsequent GitHub repository to StackHawk application mapping.
  5. Now on the GitHub Integration page, you should now see a Connected Projects list that shows the connected GitHub repository and Application.


You can add and delete Connected Projects from the GitHub Integration page.