StackHawk’s official Datadog integration.


  • Contextual log data of the scan will be sent to the connected Datadog account when HawkScan is run.
  • Log data is provided in a JSON format, and can be processed into metrics that can be displayed in Datadog dashboards.
  • Get ScanResult aggregates displayed when HawkScan starts and completes a scan. On scan failures, log data will provide information on the error conditions and stacktrace.



  • You must have a StackHawk account.


  • You must be currently signed in or able to login to the Datadog team you wish to add the integration to.
  • You must have sufficient permissions to create a Datadog api key. This is only available to users with the Datadog Admin Role assigned to them.


Click here to authorize the Datadog Integration

  1. Log into the StackHawk Web app
  2. Visit the Datadog Integration page in StackHawk
  3. Click the Add Datadog button. This will open a new panel for you to provide your Datadog API key. You can find and create a new Datadog API key in the settings panel of your Datadog web app.
  4. Once Authorized, the Datadog Integration is complete! Run HawkScan to have logs sent to your Datadog Web UI.


Run HawkScan

With the Datadog Integration installed, scanner logs and information will be sent to your Datadog instance whenever HawkScan runs and returns findings.


HawkScan logs in Datadog: when HawkScan runs, contextual scan data will be sent to the Datadog Log Explorer in JSON format for easy parsing and contextual analysis.


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