HawkScan Test Info for Dangerous JS Functions

Dangerous JS Functions


Plugin Id: 10110


To remediate the vulnerability, the dangerous JS function should be identified and removed from the site’s code. This can be done by conducting a thorough code review and searching for any instances of the function being used. Once identified, the function should be replaced with a safer alternative or removed entirely if it is not necessary for the site’s functionality.


The vulnerability “Dangerous JS Functions” refers to the use of a JavaScript function that poses a risk to the security of a website. These functions may have been implemented with malicious intent or may have unintended consequences that can be exploited by attackers. It is important to identify and address these functions to prevent potential security breaches.


The use of dangerous JS functions can expose a website to various risks, including:

  1. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS): If the function allows for the execution of arbitrary code, it can be exploited by attackers to inject malicious scripts into the website, leading to XSS attacks.

  2. Data Leakage: Dangerous JS functions may inadvertently expose sensitive information, such as user credentials or personal data, to unauthorized individuals.

  3. Remote Code Execution (RCE): If the function allows for the execution of arbitrary code, it can be leveraged by attackers to execute malicious code on the server, potentially gaining full control over the website and underlying infrastructure.

It is crucial to address these risks by identifying and removing any dangerous JS functions from the website’s codebase.