Get an Application ID

What is an Application ID and why do you need one? I will ask the questions around here! But seriously, Application IDs are unique identifiers generated by the StackHawk platform when you create an Application in StackHawk. Yes, each Application is a unique snowflake.

HawkScan uses the Application ID in your StackHawk YAML configuration file to know where the results of your test should be added in your StackHawk Organization. If you already have an Application in StackHawk, you can copy the App ID; otherwise, you can add a new Application.

Add an Application

For HawkScan to have a place in the StackHawk platform to store the results of your test, you need an instance of the application in the StackHawk platform. You can put your results in there.

To add an application instance:

  1. Log in to your StackHawk account.
  2. Click Add an App.
  3. Enter a name for your application. For example, Javaspringvulny.
  4. Select an environment name. For example, GitHub Actions.
  5. Enter your host and click Next. For example, https://localhost:9000.

    NOTE: Use HTTPS and do not add a trailing slash.

  6. Select the Application Type. For example, Dynamic Web Application/Single Page Application.
  7. Select the API Type. For example, REST/OpenAPI.
  8. Select and enter your API definition document information if you have one. For example, /openapi.
  9. Click Finish!

Copy the App ID

After you create an Application in StackHawk, it is added to your list of Applications. Underneath the name for the Application you will see the App ID. Click the icon to copy the App ID.

StackHawk Application ID

Next, enable GitHub integration.